Rend Them Asunder – Cerebral Labyrinth(EP)

Release date: 24th October 2019 || Genre: Blackened death-grind|| Label: Self-released

Public health warning: This EP may cause damage to the human mind. It is explosive. It is abrasive. It is absolutely fucking nuts! Remember the bit in The Fly (Jeff Goldblum version) where they had the disaster with the teleporters? Well, this could be the result, if early Napalm Death clambered into the pod with early Slayer, their pockets resembling the trunk of Hunter S Thompson’s Eldorado.

If you can staple your eyelids back down long enough to deconstruct the barbed-wire train smash, though, you will find lots of cunning elements. This is a band with a stand-alone personality. There is no shortage of seizure-tempting blast beats, but at the flip of a switch, you are launched into a hook, or some lunatic shredding, right out of the blue. The band self-describe as “brutal death metal”, but, to me, that doesn’t encapsulate the full scale of what is smeared on the walls here. I feel like some sort of Satanic grind tag needs to be added to give fair warning. They have truly conjured up their own personal, unhinged mix of sounds, summoned from the heaviest depths of the metal sub-universe.

Cerebral Labyrinth is definitely not one for listeners seeking a lot of melody. Those of us who enjoy a relentless detonation of caustic insanity, on the other hand, can enjoy a thorough face-shredding. On completion of first listen, I’m left totally unsure as to whether Rend Them Asunder is a band name or a one-line manifesto, but I do know one thing; this release should leave fans of the true extreme a maniacally grinning, obliterated mess.

Grade: A+ for insanity/F- for social acceptability.

Slow Dragon


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