Revenge Of The Trashed!!!


After a few successful runs at the other side of the Smashed coin with Trashed at The Tams last year, we’re bringing back punk flavours again! 

We’ve lined up another mismatched meeting of musical miscreants for Revenge Of The Trashed on June 14th, all mutated from the punk rock gene pool. 

Opening up, Glenrothes band, Messed Up Youth – M.U.Y are going to bring you some heavily grunge-tainted punk rock, taking cues from classic and modern sounds along the way.

With horror-tainted rock n roll, Falkirk’s Dan Dismal and the Darkstars self-describe themselves as “Like listening to Johnny Cash in a jar of razor blades”. They’re not wrong.

We also have an equally strong character in ska outfit, Rudebeard. Sharing some talent with Joe Viterbo, their music is stacked with the original sound of the genre, topped with a pure Scottish accent!


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