Ross Tanbini’s Perfumed Tar – Wavering (album)

Release date: 7th March 2020||Genre: Grunge||Label: Self-released

Wavering is an album that Ross Tanbini has been sitting on for a long time. And you can tell. Everything here has been very carefully considered, making sure he got exactly what he wanted out of the recording. That seems to be a big sound, with massive grunge characteristics. Naturally, this has meant taking on a little something from each of the big names in the genre, mostly Nirvana and Soundgarden.

There is simply no escaping the massive influence Cobain has had on the vocals throughout. However, it looks like you can indeed take the man out of the metal, but not the other way around, and that is where the Soundgarden comparison comes in. Yes, there are some simplistic hook riffs, but the intricacies of ‘heavier’ music have a lot of pull on the sound. There are even some hints at prog. For my tastes, this really helps to round things out, making Wavering more than just a tribute or carbon copy. No, this is not a metal album. However, neither would I call the likes of Soundgarden or Alice In Chains straight up grunge. Or, indeed, Corrosion Of Conformity, who bear some small comparison here, too (see the later parts of single, Serpents). There are many layers to peel and ingest, but the big walk-away is that people out there still love Nirvana, and Ross Tanbini is one of them.

This side of his musical repertoire is genuinely impressive. Playing every instrument on a recording is one thing; pulling together a full vision with panache, though, kind of blows my mind. This album is expertly put together, and, while I might not reach for it before Gojira or Behemoth, it’s now in my head to stay.

Grade: A-

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