Ruaraidh Flavell/Aphotic & Graeme Dodds/We Make Mammoths – Smashed Fest II (interviews)

Continuing from the Smashed Fest II catch-ups with Fury and Centrilia, we now have a double interview for you, with Ruaraidh Flavell, drummer for slam-death band, Aphotic, and Graeme Dodds, bassist with SFII openers We Make Mammoths. We started by asking the latter to tell us what WMM are all about.

Graeme Dodds: We Make Mammoths (is) a band who like their music heavy and hard hitting but with a groove to it. We encompass all sub genres of heavy music. To put it briefly… ITS A STAMPEDE! Before we stopped performing as Warhead, we were originally planning to change our name and continue from there, but, after a few lineup changes, we decided to go off the radar, and start from scratch. The first thing that was decided was the name, then the logo, and it all stemmed from there. The addition of our new guitarist, Tom, really gave us a kick up the backside we needed. We’re writing better songs, and putting more thought into them, and generally being much happier with them. Our drummer, Andy, used to play in a Noel Gallagher tribute band. It’s been quite the change in dynamic for him. He was originally a fill in drummer during the Warhead era, but, as we evolved into We Make Mammoths, he quickly became our full time drummer. He loves the energy, and the power of metal shows. He’s also changed his style from a indie/rock drummer to a powerhouse metal drummer.

As such a new band, with little options for content as of yet, they have still been making waves on the live front, but that naturally comes with difficulties.


GD: It has been rather difficult booking shows, but we like to keep our social media updated with videos from rehearsals, and we also very actively encourage family or friends that come to see the band to film us as well, so that we have a wide spectrum of content that promoters/venues can check us out on. We’re the opening band(at SFII), but we want to make sure you’ll remember us. Expect a show full of energy, hard fucking riffs, and crowd participation. It’s like a wrestling show; you want a match to open the card that’ll get the crowd hyped!

Although this may be the introduction to WMM for many of you, there is certainly more on the cards from them, as Graeme tells us “We are aiming for a EP release for end of this year/start of next. We will also have a music video coming soon and a truckload of killer shows as well!

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Moving on to our next interviewee, Mr Flavell is a man of far fewer word. Presumably, he prefers to let the music do the talking, and describes it simply as “Fast, angry and spooky!“. They have taken it further afield, though, recently returning from a couple of dates in Poland, a different experience to playing at home.

Ruaraidh Flavell: Definitely different! Everywhere’s different really. But one thing they all have in common is sick support from the locals!

As for whether or not the extreme heaviness of their sound has restricted them from live opportunities, at home or abroad;

RF: Definitely (but) to a minor extent. I mean, it’s definitely not for everyone but I feel like at this moment in time shows for death metal bands, and others genres, are at a high!

We’ll all be finding out just how heavy they are live this weekend, but we really want to know what is around the corner, especially with a new recording underway.

RF: Deffo expect some longer song length, and a lot more experimentation! We’ve already written a new song and it’s our longest and weirdest to Date! Catch you at the next show (too) hopefully! And be sure to check out our EP “Immurement”. We’re all very proud of it, and wanna know what y’all think!!


Smashed Fest II event details:

The Twa Tams, Scott Street, Perth, Scotland

Saturday July 27th 2019

Start: 6pm

Ages 18+

Fury, Centrilia, Aphotic, H8teball, Salt River Shakedown, At Their Mercy, and We Make Mammoths

Freebies up for grab, plus “tossers competition”

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