Satiracy have developed an undeniably vital, vicious sound, taking direction in character from At The Gates as much as In Flames. Highly technical passages give way to enviable hooks with incredible ease, but the tension is kept up at all times. Even the acoustic interludes on their debut full-length have a sense of urgency. There is no question that this is a band at the top of their game in terms of musical ability, and with an understanding of structure to bolster it.

“With its immense power and destructive energy, Satiracy’s ‘The Chapters of Pestilence: Lost City’ should be registered as a lethal weapon.” – Epic Earworm

Location: Glasgow

Genre: Metal/death metal

Louis Chesters – Lead Vocals, Guitar

Callum Morgans – Guitar, Backing Vocals

Marcin Fiertek – Bass Guitar

Oskar Mazurek – Drums

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The Chapters Of Pestilence: Lost City (album): August 2017

Serenity (EP): 2014


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