Scottish Metal 2 The Masses 2020: Grand Final Guest Artists

With the 2020 Scottish Metal 2 The Masses Semi-finals taking place in the next few days, it seems prudent to fill you all in on a bit more detail about the Grand Final!

As most will already know, the last event of the initiative in Scotland this year is all set for the capital, Saturday April 11th. We have a huge plan for it! With five of the bands from the Semi-finals across the country performing, it’s going to be a monster! However, the ultimate Edinburgh metal party, Keep It Steel, have arranged a special edition of their famed club night from 10:30 until the very death! Not only that, but we’ve hooked up THREE guest slots from previous M2TM winners! Have a look below. We’re sure you’ll find it as exciting as we do…


Winners: Burnley 2019

Last year’s champions of last year’s Burnley leg of Metal 2 The Masses only formed in 2017, but this hasn’t stopped them from smashing their way onto the Newblood Stage at Catton Hall! These Lancastrians know how to bring the thunder and the groove, and are the perfect addition to the first M2TM Grand Final in Edinburgh.


Winners: Glasgow 2016

Scottish metal doesn’t get much more epic than Edinburgh’s own Ramage Inc.! The powers that be know this all too well, and since winning the Glasgow M2TM a few short years ago, this lot have been invited to return, not once, but TWICE to England’s metal mecca. If you ain’t seen them yet, you need to! You also might need an alarm clock…


Winners: Glasgow 2014

The longest running of our guest artists trace their roots to the backwater town of Penicuik. Taking the Scottish M2Tm crown way back in 2014, they’ve stomped their way around several countries for many years, making their name as one of Alba’s prime metal exports. You know it can only be Dog Tired!!!

All that’s left now is to smash out the Semi-finals this week:

Dundee || Edinburgh || Glasgow

After that, well have the full line-up for the Grand Final, and you’ll be set for show and a half! If you’re already sold, get your Grand Final tickets here!

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