Seed Of Sorrow prepare to unleash World Impaled

Prepare to be impaled…

Seed Of Sorrow‘s follow up to 2013’s Vice Like Grip is finally on its way! World Impaled represents the Inverness extremists at their very finest, achieving that most elusive of goals, to capture the live essence of a band who are most at home on stage!

At some moments blindingly, technically epic, at others just straight up brutal and hook-heavy, this EP is packed to overflowing with no messing, relentless death metal. The EP is due to be released on June 3rd via Holier Than Thou Records. Supreme technicality is tempered here by sheer, blunt brute force throughout, making this a vertigo-inducing balancing act between style and substance.

The EP culminates in a live recording of the track Clown Puncher – originally released as a studio track on Vice Like Grip – recorded on Bloodstock’s New Blood stage in 2016, where the band appeared after winning the UK’s most northerly Metal 2 The Masses earlier the same year. Sitting comfortably alongside the other pieces, it shows that not only is this a band who can deliver live, but also that they have achieved the rare feat of translating their stage sound to record.

World Impaled is released June 3rd via Holier Than Thou Records

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