SLAUGHTERPIT returns: All dates in place

SLAUGHTERPIT returns: All dates in place March 28, 2016Hordes Of Belial’s SLAUGHTERPIT is back this week, with a whole new pack of guitar toting maniacs to assault your eardrums! On April 2nd, the second of the warm-up shows for Hordes Of Belial – 7 & Hell will be upon us, featuring the fantastic talents of Collapse, Animus, Lucifers Corpus, and Triverse Massacre.  If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also got all the other warm-up dates locked in, with Green Jelly, Ramage Inc., Warhead, and Buzzards Of Babylon all set for Wednesday May 25th, and Divine Chaos on Saturday September 3rd, with supports to be announced. More news about SLAUGHTERPIT, Hordes Of Belial, and other events to come soon! All currently listed shows will take place at Beat Generator Live, 70 North Lindsay Street, Dundee, and advance tickets are now available from

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