Smashed Fest line-up

As we mentioned previously, the July edition of Smashed is going to be something a bit more special than the usual riff-lunacy. We have more than twice as many bands, and twice as many competitions, which surely means twice the mayhem!

We’ve lined up a fantastic headline slot with original UK thrashers, Virus, as the first date of their 30th anniversary tour for classic album, Force Recon (check out our retro review). That doesn’t mean they don’t have an epic set of tunes both old and new planned, but the rumour is that FR will be played live in full!


Returning to Smashed for their third helping, main support will be provided by none other than Ramage Inc. We seriously can’t get enough of this lot. Great on record and on stage. Massive sound. Massive presence. Massive tunes. What’s not to love?


Heading up the local representation, please welcome Ifreann. While this heavy thrash outfit was birthed in Edinburgh, it also comprises of a few members of Fair City band, Blackened Ritual. Keep an eye open for their upcoming EP, which is sure to turn some heads, and melt some faces.


Again, Perth comes up with the goods in the form of a long-term, on-off love affair with extreme metal. Threshold Sicks – the band who just won’t die – are back, with some really old friends and family conscripted to make the death-thrash-sludge noise happen. Be warned: this is louder than ever before!


Meanwhile, Glaswegian thrash/hardcore crossover unit, Kingpin, will be handling the west coast assault for the evening, with their abrasive yet catchy take on a combination of Crowbar vs Cro-Mags, Hatebreed vs Hatesphere, S.O.D. vs D.R.I. Evil is as evil does, people, and this is some sick riffing!


Keeping it more laid back towards the start of the night, but still just as loaud, and as  foot-stompingly addictive,  it’s Electric Mother. This Orkney based mob annihilated the Jaegermeister stage at last year’s Bloodstock Open Air. We know, we saw! If you still don’t believe us, just check out the live footage below.


Finally, to get us all psyched up for the onslaught to come, our opening band, local trippy wizards, Isak. The Sun should still be riding high in the sky when these boys take to the stage, and weave the celestial tapestry on which the whole of the evening will rest. Make sure to get down early for their set, and don’t miss soaking up a single note!


Smashed Fest will also feature the presenting skills of none-other-than the son of the big guy in the sky, Gordy Jebus, who you may have seen spreading the good word of having a good time at various heavy music events.

To add to the chaos, we’re planning a guitar eating competition! Yes, you read that right! Luckily, these guitars will be of the tasty, baked variety, so no fear of splinters. However, you’ll have to register to take part in advance, as places will be limited. Details on how to get involved and sink your teeth into this comp will be available here, soon. As per usual, we’ll be hosting the usual Smashed costume competition, right in the middle of our freshly announced “fantasy season“. You’re free to interpret that dress code however you like, but please, keep it clean!

There might be twice as many competitions, and twice as many bands as usual, but this Smashed is still on us, meaning still 100% free entry! Get down and get Smashed!


Smashed Fest event details:

The Twa Tams, 79-81 Scott Street, Perth, PH2 8JR

Saturday July 28th 2018

Start: 6pm

Ages 18+

Facebook event page


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