Smashed line-ups March and April

Despite a slightly rough ride during the changeover of owner ship at the regular venue for Perth’s ultimate live heavy music night, Smashed is still standing! Shifts of dates and line-ups have caused little more than a few scrapes and bruises. Below is a full and current update of all the bands announced to play the next two shows.

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Invasion: Opening our next Smashed are Dundee heavy metal warriors, Volcano X. If you’re new to their world, it is 100%, old school loving metal for the new age. Check out their highly entertaining This Is Heavy Metal to find out for yourselves.


Cranking up the party in the centre spot are locals Multistorey Lover, with some sleazed up blues rock. Give their 2018 Jelly For Breakfast a blast to get the blood pumping in preparation.


The headliner for our March edition are somewhat of a Scottish thrash heavyweight. Having followed them from the start, we can safely say they are going to bring a mountain of riffs for you to feast your greedy little lugs on. Please welcome once more, Edinburgh’s Disposable!

Retaliation: Coming to April, our first band of the evening are Section 9, a relatively new death metal project from Inverness. Despite their short time in operation, they already have this utterly filthy little demo available for your listening pleasure.


A little more established, yet with a more modern metal take, Dunfermline’s Nadé take to the stage in the middle of the night. It sounds suspiciously like they’re planning a new release for 2019. Hopefully it continues in this vein…


Finally, heralding from the far north of Scotland, we have the beast that is Zombie Militia, possibly one of the best band names in metal. Churning out a groove-heavy, death-tinged sound, it’s been a while since they ventured into this neck of the woods, and we’re proud to have them back.



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