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Twisted Glasgow creeps, Splintered Halo are back to their old tricks again, with a new story to tell. Their new track – obviously released today, being Halloween – revolves around Stephen King’s It. Those with a fear of clowns (known as ‘coulrophobia’) best turn away now, as this is not the song for you. Like an R rated version of the music from The Nightmare Before Christmas, this is another treat full of tricks, continuing the band’s manic portrayal of classic tales. Although the inspiration is already a fright-filled favourite, the new Float single takes the lunacy to new extremes. The band themselves have a strongly defined understanding of how it differs from previous tracks.

Evilyn Van Der Hyden (vox)Well, because our songs are built to musically suit the character (or characters) in the story we’re telling, that means that every song is very different to the last. The last single was Fearleader, a metal, twisted cheer anthem, designed to fit the personality and voice of the boy-eating demonic cheerleader from Jennifer’s Body. Float is about Pennywise, and the kids he murders, so it has more of a nightmare circus vibe, and the vocals are very different from the American cheerleader style we did in Fearleader. In this I play the part of Pennywise vocally, and also the creepy dead kids. It’s a lot of fun!

Their self-described ‘character metal’ isn’t just a gimmick, though. Despite the clearly observable aesthetics, there is literally more this band than meets the eye.

EVDHWe do like our iconic characters and tales, and those tend to have very recognisable visual elements to them, but I wouldn’t say that the costumes drive the character choice. What we tend to ask ourselves is whether the character we’re considering has a strong and definitive enough personality to be translated into music and vocals. If the answer is yes, it tends to be that they can be translated visually too.

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However, this is a stand alone release, and not the usual indicator of an impending album, as we might expect..?

EVDHNot in the near future, no. We’re writing a lot right now, and there may be more singles along the way, but the goal is to actually get out there with that material, go on a tour, and reach more of our fans. Spread the good word of Halo! We’ll also be looking to do another video very soon. (*The Dark Side Of) Oz was so much fun, and people really enjoyed that, we enjoyed it, and being such a visual band, video is the perfect medium for us. So yeah, watch this space!

Float can currently be found on YouTube and iTunes, with more formats to follow.


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