Spreading The Disease – Mindcell (EP)

Release date: 11th April 2019||Genre: Metal||Label: Surgery Records

Played with conviction. That’s the first thing which springs to mind on hitting play, here. The second is “what (sub-) genre of metal is this?” It’s not that it’s Earth-shatteringly obscure, but it is certainly an uncommon blend. You couldn’t say Spreading The Disease play nu-metal, but they have filtered off some of the better elements of the genre. Neither is Mindcell an extreme metal album, but it sure has some of the same grit and attack. In my book, this is a good thing.

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I keep expecting them to burst into American Head Charge’s Just So You Know, but there’s too much of a punk snarl. At times it’s more like the 1990s UK metal wave which included acts such as Pulkas and One Minute Silence. Vocals ranging from Deftones melodic drone, to the caustic rip employed by Skinlab at their heaviest, hitting numerous stops between. It’s even hyper-melodic on occasion. There are indeed a lot of spokes to the wheel, but it all holds together very nicely.

I think it just has to be admitted that this is a band who don’t need to, or cannot, be placed in a neat bracket. That can be a messy claim to fame, but I feel like STD have handled it well. This would be a good release to tempt those paddling in metal deeper into the abyss.

Grade: A-

Slow Dragon


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