Slaughterpit: Warlord + Blood Thread

Slaughterpit: Warlord UK and Blood Thread added

Two more bands have been announced for Hordes Of Belial’s Slaughterpit next May 13th, and they’re fantastic! Firstly, Birmingham’s multi-metal Warlord UK are launching a raiding party in our direction. Formerly signed to Nuclear Blast, and now with Xtreem Music, they originally kicked off in the early nineties, but called it a day before the […]

Slaughterpit 2017

Slaughterpit 2017: First band announcements

Six months from now, Hordes Of Belial’s Slaughterpit will return as a one-off, two stage event. While running around half the number of bands which appear at Hordes Of Belial itself, it is intended as a sister event, sitting near the start of the UK’s festival season, with HOB towards the end. To kick off […]

Hordes Of Belial announce Certain Death for 7th outing headliners

Hordes Of Belial – 7 & Hell, set to take place October 1st 2016, has officially announced Fife party mentalists Certain Death for top slot.¬†Formerly operating under the moniker of Drive By Audio, they have since returned to their original name, assaulting the music world with renewed vigour. Featuring former members of The Real Mackenzies, […]