The Way Of Purity - Schwarz Oder Rot

The Way Of Purity – Schwarz Oder Rot (album)

Release date: 10th January (digital)||Genre: Metal/industrial/goth||Label: Wormholedeath It’s great to step away from straight up metal now and then, and The Way Of Purity certainly do that, on new album, Schwarz Oder Rot. When goth and metal are successfully blended together, it can be a beautiful thing. It’s not just one gothic angle on offer […]

Carach Angren - Frankensteina Strataemontanus

Carach Angren – Frankensteina Strataemontanus (album)

Release date: 26th June 2020||Genre: Horror black metal||Label: Season Of Mist If this isn’t your introduction to Carach Angren, you’ll already know to expect something unusual. Their cinematic take on black metal has set them apart from their peers for a long time now. Every song is a story of various horror. Every album an […]

Dee Snider

Dragon Fire: Dee Snider, Devildriver, Rotten Sound, and more

Dragon Fire is Slow Dragon Music’s brief news round-up, filled with chunks of fleshy goodness. How do we even begin to introduce this round up? It has been a crazy period like never before, and, to a degree, we really want to draw a line under it all, and move on. So that’s what we’ve […]

Shadowflag - In Asylum Requiem

Shadowflag – In Asylum Requiem (album)

Release date: 19th June 2020||Genre: Black metal||Label: Clobber Records Stomping black metal, tied to the genre’s origins, is what you get for most of Shadowflag‘s latest offering. Blast beats, tremolo picking, ghoulish shrieks: check, check, and check. It is in the murky experimentation that this release fully comes to life. Through the sea of sawing […]

European Metal Festival Alliance

The European Metal Festival Alliance

Bloodstock Open Air have just announced their involvement in a massive new team-up, with several of the best, independent metal festivals across Europe! The European Metal Festival Alliance brings together no less than 12 outstanding events; Alcatraz (Belgium), ARTmania (Romania), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic), Dynamo (Netherlands), Into The Grave (Netherlands), Leyendas Del Rock (Spain), Metal […]