Shadowflag - In Asylum Requiem

Shadowflag – In Asylum Requiem (album)

Release date: 19th June 2020||Genre: Black metal||Label: Clobber Records Stomping black metal, tied to the genre’s origins, is what you get for most of Shadowflag‘s latest offering. Blast beats, tremolo picking, ghoulish shrieks: check, check, and check. It is in the murky experimentation that this release fully comes to life. Through the sea of sawing […]

Lares - Towards Nothingness

Lares – Towards Nothingness (album)

Release date: 26th June 2020||Genre: black/doom metal||Label: Argonauta Records Thinks kick off pretty in Towards Nothingness, the new album from Berlin’s Lares, before we descend into a kind of blackened psyche-doom. A little darker than their previous work, it’s perfectly atmospheric, incredibly spacious, and certainly a bit unusual. The ‘blackened’ part cannot be overstated here. […]

European Metal Festival Alliance

The European Metal Festival Alliance

Bloodstock Open Air have just announced their involvement in a massive new team-up, with several of the best, independent metal festivals across Europe! The European Metal Festival Alliance brings together no less than 12 outstanding events; Alcatraz (Belgium), ARTmania (Romania), Brutal Assault (Czech Republic), Dynamo (Netherlands), Into The Grave (Netherlands), Leyendas Del Rock (Spain), Metal […]

Thrash Bandicoot - Milwaukee Cannibal

Thrash Bandicoot – Milwaukee Cannibal(EP)

Release date: 06th January 2020||Genre: Thrash/death metal||Label: Self-released With the word right there in their name, there will surely be no surprise in discovering what style of music Thrash Bandicoot are dealing out. It’s fast, it’s shouty, and in this house, it’s pretty much straight to the point. The moniker doesn’t tell you everything, though, […]

Final Coil - Convicted Of The Right

Final Coil – Convicted Of The Right (EP)

Release date: 01st May 2020||Genre: Progressive/Alt rock||Label: Wormholedeath The follow up to Final Coil‘s The World We Left Behind For Others, Convicted Of The Right is an unusual beast in these times. It harks back to when grunge could sound metal, prog could sound industrial, and rock could feel just as dark and heavy as […]