Medico Peste - ב :The Black Bile

Medico Peste – ב :The Black Bile (album)

Release date: 20th March 2020||Genre: Black metal ||Label: Season Of Mist It might have taken eight years, but the second full length from Medico Peste is here! ב :The Black Bile is some pretty unhinged stuff. A black metal bad trip. In a good way. While it bears the trademarks of current Polish BM, the […]

Carach Angren - Search Results Knowledge result Franckensteina Strataemontanus

Dragon Fire: Carach Angren, Jinjer, God Dethroned, and more

  Dragon Fire is Slow Dragon Music’s brief news round-up, filled with chunks of fleshy goodness. The first Dragon Fire of this solar cycle. It’s been a f***er of a year in some big ways so far, hasn’t it? Political upheaval in January. Crippling weather through February. Widespread serious health concerns from March onward. We […]