The Hordes amass! First 7 bands for The Burning H8!

The time has come yet again, dear friends, to let you in on the first wave of the bands who will be unleashing holy metal hell on the fine city of Dundee at Hordes Of Belial!

Welcome to The Burning H8! If the title of this year’s HOB didn’t give it away for you, this will be the eighth outing for the yearly showcase of hard rock and extreme metal, and boy do we have a killer first seven bands to tell you about. That’s about half the bill in one swoop!

Starting at the top, we’ve pulled in the considerable thrash mastery of 1980s originals Virus. After a chaotic existence, Virus are back at full potential, with frontman Coke Finlay returning to live in Dundee in 2016, and drafting in a cohort of new blood to fuel the fires. Set to appear at Hammerfest, Mosh Against Cancer Coventry, and others, and with a new release on the horizon, it just made perfect sense to have this legendary band take lead position at their home town’s heaviest yearly event.

Keeping it ‘northern’ for the second stage headliner, we’ve gone for an old favourite of camp HOB; Edinburgh’s metal golden boys, Dog Tired. They’ve made numerous appearances at Hordes Of Belial, Slow Dragon Music events, and even HOB related mini-tours. Every show with this band is a stone cold killer, and if we thought we could get away with it, we’d book them every time. This year will be their first time headlining one of the Hordes stages, though, so get in nice and close, and let them see/hear/ smell your appreciation.

As is always the case with HOB, moving further down the bill still guarantees an absolutely blinding selection from across the metal spectrum, and around Britain. Making a name for themselves of late are frantic West Coast Scottish metallers Damaj. With some great dynamics, driving energy, and style reaching from classics to modern underground, they are all set to take 2017 by storm, with live dates already booked for the SOS, Amplified, and Mammothfest festivals.

Hailing from Belfast, Northern Ireland, Overoth will be making their HOB debut this year. However, a couple of members have previously snuck onto the stage in former band Rex Shachath. They’ve been keeping themselves busy this year with supporting Asphyx and playing Blastfest, but in the mean time, here’s a blast from their past.


They will be joined by fellow countrymen Rabid Bitch Of The North, who bring to bear straight-up old school, birthed in the cauldron of original NWOBHM. Few bands can lay claim to such a genuine connection to the 70s/80s sound, but just click play below, and we think you’ll find RBOTN truly can.

The last two bands in this first clutch of announcements both came about almost simultaneously, as members of well-loved local Perth and Dundee bands decided they wanted to pursue new ventures. Kris Dye, of long gone Fair City rockers Same Jane, has set out with another riff-heavy party outfit, under the name of Multistorey Lover. Regulars to our Smashed nights may have caught their debut performance at The Twa Tams last December.

Emerging around the same period, Catalysis is made up of musicians from various of Dundee rock/metal bands; Excellent Cadaver, Athenia, Aletha, and Millsyeck. Mush like Miltistorey Lover, being a relatively new operation, they don’t have a huge amount of online material available. However, what they do have is fantastically heavy, and somehow mature and fresh at the same time.

So there you have it! The first batch of Hordes Of Belial announcements for 2017, straight from the icy hot ovens of our Northern hell. Look out for more over the coming months, as we seek out the underground best, and try to touch base with as many sub-genres of hard rock and metal as we can squeeze into one show.

Hordes Of Belial – The Burning H8 event details:

Beat Generator Live, 70 N. Lindsay St., Dundee

Saturday September 30th 2017

Doors: TBC

Ages 14+

Virus, Dog Tired, Damaj, Overoth, Rabid Bitch Of The North, Catalysis, Multistorey Lover

Advance tickets now £10 from

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