The Starry Wisdom Cult offer up debut long-player


The Starry

Those who have either lived in, or done some deep research on, the East Scottish metal scene, will already be familiar with the weave and weft of The Starry Wisdom Cult’s cannily constructed musical musings. With clear nods to the big names in classic thrash and horror punk, they are also known for their ability to meld instruments and vocals into a doom/stoner-rock tinged sea of deceptively melodious laments.

Lignum Et Ferro Et Concretum marks the beginning of a new stage for the band, who can trace their origins back to the mid 1990s. Although a number of EPs and demos have been scattered throughout the time between, this is the first full album of their material committed for public consumption. Translating from Latin as Wood & Iron & Concrete, it is a fitting legend for a release which marks the foundations of the next phase for The Starry Wisdom Cult.

The album, released at midnight, May 21st 2016, is now available from the merch store on their website.

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