The Vice – White Teeth Rebellion (album)

Release date: 07th August 2020||Genre: Black ‘n’ roll||Label: Nobel Demon

The Vice offer up a strange cross-breed on their new album, White Teeth Rebellion. As the self-applied descriptor suggests, they do indeed purvey some very fine black-n-roll. They lean heavily to both ends of the scale in that respect (often more rock than metal), and do so with a distinct personality.

Melting Nick Cave, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Motorhead into a smokey molasses, they fold it into a harsh, gritty paste of Swedish darkness, melodic sensibilities and all. Their sound also seems to play host to a little bit of country, for further divergence. Yes, it does, very much, run the risk of stepping outside of what could be considered BM by some. However, it is not, as far as I’m concerned, a genre birthed for conformity by its nature.

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Dropping to a three piece is noted elsewhere as having had a discernible effect on their sound, but, as they seem to have annihilated any record of audio before this stage, it’s all but impossible to find out just how significant it may have been. Now, though, they surely have a rock solid concept to pursue. If you prefer Tribulation’s take on B’N’R over Satyricon’s, this could well be worth your time.

This is a surprise standalone delight. Black metal got pretty stagnant for me, pretty quick in its early days, but a few surges in creativity have kept it alive, not least of all in the last five to ten years or so. The Vice are certainly worthy of note for their contribution to this movement.

Grade: A-
Slow Dragon


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