The Way Of Purity – Schwarz Oder Rot (album)

Release date: 10th January (digital)||Genre: Metal/industrial/goth||Label: Wormholedeath

It’s great to step away from straight up metal now and then, and The Way Of Purity certainly do that, on new album, Schwarz Oder Rot. When goth and metal are successfully blended together, it can be a beautiful thing.

It’s not just one gothic angle on offer here, though. You get the spooky soundscapes of Type O Negative or (Antichrist era) Manson, a thump of darkwave, some Sisters Of Mercy tainted vocals, and a hint of nu-metal’s darker recesses. There are also, however, plenty of blackened rasps, heavy beats, and deathcore riffery.

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Of course, this is still, therefore, essentially a metal album. But it’s also not. It has a very strong, earnest leaning towards idioms of the afore-mentioned “bats and trenchcoats” arena. TWOP honestly play both approaches very well. There is strong background ethos to this band (which you should check out, if you like the music), but first impressions are certainly all about the culmination of styles.

Art injected deeper into current music trends is no bad thing. It definitely makes a release stand out, bringing a wider character, distinct from the morass. I can see some not getting into this, but it’s a top class example of something different.

Grade: A

Slow Dragon

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