Thrash Bandicoot – Milwaukee Cannibal(EP)

Release date: 06th January 2020||Genre: Thrash/death metal||Label: Self-released

With the word right there in their name, there will surely be no surprise in discovering what style of music Thrash Bandicoot are dealing out. It’s fast, it’s shouty, and in this house, it’s pretty much straight to the point.

The moniker doesn’t tell you everything, though, so don’t fall into the trap of thinking this might be comedy metal. Far from it. On first impression, aside from a slightly heavier, death metal tainted edge, it’s about bang on for mid-era original wave thrash. The vocals do a lot of the work in sneaking toward that barrier, echoing The Haunted’s debut, and we find the Bay Area colliding with a harder European sound.

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The initial track digested, however, it seems this may have been a bit of a false lead, as they take us wandering deeper into their own meandering swamplands. As the record progresses (in more than one sense) things get bouncy. Things get 90s. And things certainly get heavier. There’s a couple of loose moments, but they have an organic charm, and on closing the EP, I almost feel like I’m listening to a different band.

Moving with deceptive smoothness from jaggy thrash to pulsing grooves is a sneaky move to pull off in five short tracks, but TB managed it. Milwaukee Cannibal is certainly a release to pull the head around, for those who give it the full attention it deserves. Sink your teeth into it!

Grade: A
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