Threshold Sicks mark ten year ‘Pieces Of Hate’ anniversary

In 2007, Threshold Sicks had just solidified a new line-up, after a couple of years hiatus. The addition of vocalist Phil Malloch and drummer Ivan Sveda saw them take a step up from previous efforts to bring their own brand of death-thrash-sludge to metal ears.

In November of that year, they put together their first release with these fresh personnel – the Pieces Of Hate demo/EP. While they have progressed to become another beast, this is a landmark release for the band. It helped them to gain live opportunities like never before, including shows in Ireland and Slovakia, and supports with the likes of Gama Bomb, The Black Dahlia Murder, Dragged Into Sunlight and more.

Ten years on, everything has changed. Now working on a second set of replacement members (since the departure of Malloch & Sveda), and digging into more extreme and technical potential, Threshold Sicks are biding their time, and working hard to nail down the perfect storm.

However, they’re still proud of what they achieved with this one-take garage recording, so to celebrate the TEN YEAR ANNIVERSARY of this release, we’ve arranged a little surprise. Pieces Of Hate is now available from Threshold Sicks’ Bandcamp page, with no minimum amount. This means, for the first time, you can grab a digital copy of the EP for whatever price you deem appropriate, right down to zero! Happy Birthday… Hate!

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