Threshold Sicks release “Splatterday” Jam-video (with in-house interviews)

Perth based death-thrash-sludge cult, Threshold Sicks, have recently taken a short break from the studio to give us an inside view. Between perfecting the re-working of their upcoming Beat Unmerciful long player, they have recorded a jam video for the track Ad Infinitum. The full video also features interviews with each member, and behind the scenes footage.

Dubbing the session Splatterday, due to the copious amounts of bright yellow paint which were thrown about, TS also used the set-up to create some photographs of their new formation. Now featuring Ross Tanbini and Kristian Sator of well-loved, 1990s/2000s, Scottish metal band Scud/Aorta, it is a far heavier, more percussive monster. With deep roots together, the group have been playing their cards very close to their chest, but now want to “pull back the curtain a little, peer out into the theatre, and see who’s looking back…

Founding member and bassist, Greg Mckenzie-Milne, said of the track “This song has evolved over the years with all comers having teased it in this direction and that, but nothing hits home as clearly as being ‘one with Infinitum’ in this moment.”

We’ve been sat on this album for a long time“, adds fellow TS original Paul Macmillan, and it’s great to be seeing some sort of finished work taking shape, which we can finally look at putting out to the public.

The newcomers have been getting stuck right in as well. Vocalist (and Greg’s brother), Kristian, enthused about the Splatterday session “I found that I Felt empowered by what will become“, with drummer, Ross, left feeling “Drained and stained with the colour of Sicks.”

The song on it’s own can be watched right here at the bottom of the article. If, however, you have an overbearing desire for the full-fat nerd milk version, interviews, warts, confused faces and all, you can catch it here on YouTube.

Catch Threshold Sicks live, debuting their new line-up at Smashed Fest, at The Twa Tams, Saturday July 28th.

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