Threshold Sicks seeking new members, again!

Despite a fertile year coming into 2017, things haven’t turned out quite as planned for death-thrash-sludge outfit Threshold Sicks.

After an incredibly well received debut return show in their (nearest to) home town of Perth, the long-running project looked set to start hammering their way across stages once more. Unfortunately, their opening set at Dundee’s Slaughterpit event in May was to be their last with the most recent line-up. Vocalist Neil Munro and drummer Ross Tanbini have since both exited the stage.

This leaves founding members, Greg Mckenzie-Milne and Paul Macmillan, seeking fresh meat for the musical endeavours yet again. Sitting on top of one album of fully recorded guitar and bass parts, ready to go, and another release’s worth of tracks and concepts, they are now looking for replacements with an interest in getting beyond the stage of a couple of local shows and EPs.

Any vocalists or drummers who want to get involved with this unique and challenging band, simply email and have a talk.

Threshold Sicks: a band with massive potential, live and on record

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