Torchia – The Coven (album)

Release date: 27th March 2020||Genre: Metal||Label: Rockshots Records

Melodic blackened power death thrash? Too many tags in one? Apparently not. Torchia manage all five, and it sounds pretty damn good! It’s consistent throughout, as well, which is a pleasure to behold. All too easy a mark to miss.

Their more song-bird moments sound very Scandinavian (or Nordic, rather, being Finnish), but scrabbling, scratchy speed metal climb-downs take a turn as well. Heavier blackened swathes and deathly chugs, much virtuoso noodling, and some almost traditional Scottish or Icelandic sounding, open movements on top of this, make for a huge palette. I think it would be a challenge to find the riff work boring at any point.

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As much as I’m loving them, though, it’s not all about the guitars. The vocal rasp is a much needed addition, taking things away from a risk of dipping the toe too deep in the fondue. A touch of cheese is unavoidable in metal. Frontman, Edward Torchia, though, is the navigator who keeps this lot sailing true, when passing through some treacherously cheddary waters. That, and the power of hefty riffs throughout. Yup, fun and heavy are keywords which apply.

The Coven is an incredibly well-rounded extreme metal album, with just an ink-wash of appeal for those of more mainstream persuasions. I could certainly handle a lot more of this! Their previous full-length, Of Curses And Grief, is absolutely getting a spin, to see how it compares. Top stuff!

Grade: A+
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