Týr – Hel (album)

Release date: 08th March 2019 || Genre: Heavy metal || Label: Metal Blade

Týr are just one of those bands who kind of have their own genre. Sure, it’s made up of clear components of others, but they own the end result. With classical virtuosity applied to melodeath, current prog to trad metal, power metal vocals to technical thrash, and Nordic folk to straight up metal, it’s a heady draught. Their latest album, Hel, has been a good few years in the making. Their last, Valkyrja, stepped into daylight back in 2013, to a warm welcome in the press. The tracks on the new release, however, feel like more complete songs.

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It has received some minor criticism for its length, but I have to say, I love an album, and found it really easy to get lost in Hel for the duration. Some may find it self-indulgent. For me it is part of the pleasure; an aid to escapism. And escapism is surely the name of the game in power metal. While this release can definitely be clubbed together with others in that genre, and also alongside those tagged as viking metal, it comes across as something instantly more intelligent than, for example, Amon Amarth. Technical aspects are also impressive here, but not overplayed. The riffs and rhythms are musically constructed, rather than churned out as a secondary thought, or a backdrop to face-melting, technical shred. Faces, though, absolutely will be melted…

Grade: A

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