Wolf Prayer – Echoes Of The Second Sun (album)

Release date: 05th July 2019 || Genre: Fuzz rock || Label: Barhill records

Where does fuzz/stoner rock end, and grunge begin? Being thought of by the music world at large as a dead scene, grunge might not seem like the most positive tag to pin on a band, but it has to be said, it was an iconic movement in its day. It certainly birthed some albums which have stuck with us.

While Echoes Of The Second Sun – from Germans, Wolf Prayer – has a distinct sun-bleached vibe, so did albums from the likes of Soundgarden (Down On The Upside) and Mudhoney (Touch Me I’m Sick). This release is thick with that overlapping influence. It is a characteristic which seems to be pulling favour with a number of bands in this genre. Luckily, far from resulting in cookie cutter staleness, it has opened the floodgates to increased diversity. To my ears Wolf Prayer have dived in much deeper than others.

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When you combine this with the inherent retro-isms of desert rock, some, myself included, may feel a rainbow haze of nostalgia. That doesn’t mean you won’t get the benefit if you weren’t there back in the day. There is still plenty to indulge in. The use of 60s/70s sound is testament to that, and it goes to show that some music is simply for all worshipers of the riff.

As a debut, this is a superb statement of intent, illuminating Wolf Prayer amongst their contemporaries. It will be nice to see how they progress with future recordings. I’d love to hear them carve further into the bedrock of what makes them unique.

Grade: A-
Slow Dragon


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